Time flies when a person neglects their beloved blog. Sorry, but now I am done with my bountiful fall of 2013 and have an abundance of wedding eye candy to tide you over for until spring of 2014. MAN ALIVE do I love this couple ! They were delightful in every way. Seriously , Lyndsey […]

2013 Weddings

December 29, 2013

You are the sunshine of my life

Talk about a great love story. Jessica and Doug have about the cutest love tale around. They met in…wait for it..5th grade. Their lives took them in many different directions, but for Jessica, who traveled a lot as a kid, Doug was always home ( ahhh I just got chills writing that ). These two […]

2013 Weddings

September 11, 2013

School house rock

O.K maybe not the worlds longest blog post, but a long one for sure. This was a gem of a wedding from last year, and yes I do  ‘gotta bring up old stuff’ now and again. This was a last minute booking that I was thrilled to get. This couple had a marathon wedding day […]

2012 Weddings

June 17, 2013

Worlds LONGEST blog post ( part one )

I have LITERALLY been waiting to blog about this couple for YEARS ! REALLY ! I will try not get too mushy here, but I need you to know my LOVE for this couple runs DEEP. My first memory of them was …love in an elevator. I was heading up in the Citizen Hotel elevator,when […]

2012 Weddings

December 2, 2012

Love in an elevator

Oh what warm heartfelt thoughts come to me when I think of the marriage of Sara and Edward. This Salt of the earth couple kept it simple yet they had 250 people attend. Sara had such a great style and sweetness and Edward was just a gem throughout the entire day. This was my last […]


March 11, 2012

Team Edward

Oh the way Dee and Ravi looked at each other. Talk about the look of love. They had such a cute love story, having met in a youth hostile while traveling in Europe. Everyone had the best time at their wedding in her parents home this July ( yes, there is no rhyme or reason […]

2011 weddings

November 28, 2011

Be lucky in loveeee ( look of love )

If you could swing getting me more weddings like Aaron and Liz that would be AWESOME. Just the ideal couple in so many ways. Positively hip and chill in every aspect of their big day. They were one go with the flow couple. Such a cool venue with delish food and loads of cool spots […]

2011 weddings

November 21, 2011

The big chill

ARG ! The fall is such a crazy time for the wedding photographer. I have meant to blog for my faithful 37 readers ( that is my joke, it is more like 12 people ) but iI am one busy bee. So I am just slapping up a link of being blogged…. does that count […]

2011 weddings

September 21, 2011

Bad blogger…good linker

WAY too long blog post ? Why YES, is the answer to that question. But in my defense Sherri and Drew had such a beautiful wedding at one of my favorite places to shoot AND I had my best-ie Rachelle shooting with me AND they are both so dam good looking ! So that is […]

2011 weddings

August 29, 2011

Warning: super long blog post, view at your own risk

I was so EXCITED to shoot Suzanne and Mikes wedding at their families RICE FARM. I fell madly in love with Suzanne and her Mom when they came to meet me. Suzanne lights up like a christmas tree every time she smiles, just the most delightful gal you will ever meet. What a shin dig […]

2011 weddings

July 19, 2011

Green Acres is the place to be