Love in an elevator

Dec 2, 2012

I have LITERALLY been waiting to blog about this couple for YEARS ! REALLY ! I will try not get too mushy here, but I need you to know my LOVE for this couple runs DEEP.
My first memory of them was …love in an elevator. I was heading up in the Citizen Hotel elevator,when Joaquin and Heather introduced themselves. They told me I had done a few of their friends weddings and soon enough I would be doing their wedding. Naturally I was VERY flattered. And indeed I was the lucky photographer to capture their unique love story. They were married at St. Ignatius Church and had their reception at The Sacramento Grand Ballroom. Positively fabulous food from our friends at The Supper Club, and a truly delicious dessert buffet from Ettores ( I can still remember how much we enjoyed those treats ). It was oddly an overcast day in Aug, but not to worry, we worked it out like nobodies business with some unique fun and funky photos.
I was so touched by this couples love for each other and kindness towards everyone else…I am getting a bit misty so here are the photos, talk amongst yourselves.
Yeah, note, this couple was ” sort of a big deal ” with their large amount of higher up clergy : )
FUN FACT : They are both quite the musicians, and sang to EACH OTHER during the ceremony. Not a dry eye in the house people !



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