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Jul 19, 2011

I was so EXCITED to shoot Suzanne and Mikes wedding at their families RICE FARM. I fell madly in love with Suzanne and her Mom when they came to meet me. Suzanne lights up like a christmas tree every time she smiles, just the most delightful gal you will ever meet. What a shin dig they had with 400 guests. So many cute details and remarkable photo opts including the most beautiful sunset a person could ever witness. What a blessed day indeed, it was everything I dreamed it would be !
Love this photo from my second shooter Michelle Shiftlet !
I LOVE this photo, the sheer joy !
O.K really ? Little girls in white dresses dancing in a circle…yes…really !
Great spots galore !
Mike the hard working farmer and groom was not getting why I thought things like tractors were so arty : )
One of my all time favorites

Dig that sunset !
LUCKILY my friends at Encore Entertainment were able to cover the event at the LAST minute when their previous person could not make it ( that is me nicely saying they flaked ). Encore saved the day.

The sunset was so magnificent, watching go down was truly a memorable end to a perfect day.



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