School house rock

Sep 11, 2013

Talk about a great love story. Jessica and Doug have about the cutest love tale around. They met in…wait for it..5th grade. Their lives took them in many different directions, but for Jessica, who traveled a lot as a kid, Doug was always home ( ahhh I just got chills writing that ). These two are the real deal soul mates. When they interviewed me to be their photographer I wanted to book their wedding so hard. I must have played it cool, because I was honored to be a part of their most spectacular  day.
Man live was the dream team in the house at this Wine and Roses ( a.k.a Guns and Roses ). Kendra Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Event planning nailed this wedding, as did the very talented Audrey from Bontanica,  superstar Bryan from  Music and More, my girls Shana from Shana Beals Make-up Artistry  and Tina Romo ( a.k.a Tina Romooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo )rocking the hair and make-up , and Corkie Matson as their heartfelt officiant. Love, joy, rainbows, bunnies and kittens all the way for the special day.
Fun Fact for the first photo, Jessica rented those super spendy earrings, and yes…I DID put them on a banana.
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