Worlds LONGEST blog post ( part one )

Jun 17, 2013

O.K maybe not the worlds longest blog post, but a long one for sure. This was a gem of a wedding from last year, and yes I do  ‘gotta bring up old stuff’ now and again. This was a last minute booking that I was thrilled to get. This couple had a marathon wedding day all planned by the one and only Aimee Wendle of  2Chic Events. Aimee is my home-slice and a gifted planner and designer.
The first part of the day was a beautiful Sikh ceremony at The Sikh Temple of Sacramento. I learned so many interesting things about the Sikh culture and truly enjoyed this unique ceremony. If it seems like I am not even mentioning this fabulous couple it is because they really value their privacy. So we will call them J&B : ). I LOVED J&B and am forever grateful they choose me to be a part of their whirlwind day. This was ceremony #1, stay tuned for ceremony # 2, a classic Jewish Ceremony at The Crocker Art Museum. So much culture, love and beauty in just a short 14 hour day : )
Please insert one MILLION thanks to my beloved Sarah Maren for coming to shoot this ceremony with me ON HER ANNIVERSARY. For this big gig, I got by with a BIG help from my friends.



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