Talk about your ‘girl power’ collaborative effort ( o.k there were a few guys too ). This wedding theme styled shoot based on the NEW Oz movie ‘Oz the great and powerful’ turned out to be one luscious gift. The Brains behind the theme were truly Stephanie from Honey Paperie and Rebecca from Sweet Cakes […]

POP goes the bride

Jun 20, 2012

Question : Hey Beth, if you could do ANY kind of shoot you wanted, what would it be ? Answer: A pop art shoot with my incredibly talented friend with loads of bright colors and hot fashion models. Question: And what would make it EVEN better” Answer : To be published in a magazine, Sacramento […]

Whewwwwwwwwwwwwww ! The eagle has LANDED ! Alas the new OUR WEDDING magazine has launched. Click here to see the whole magazine on-line and Click here to get a free magazine sent to you. It does not get much better than this fashion shoot with hot fashion models from Cast Images. Our team knocked it […]

Circus Freaks

Apr 13, 2012

This baby is on ROCK AND ROLL BRIDE TODAY ! Triple WHOOT !!!! I LOVE getting on that blog, sort of on a mission to get published on Rock and Roll Bride’s blog as many times as humanly possible. So CIRUS FREAKS ! Talk about a collaboration ! So many super cool ladies worked on […]

The eagle has LANDED ! SO excited to see the new OUR WEDDING magazine hit the stands. Man alive was this a KILLER shoot ! It was one of my all time favorite covers. Our Models Kelsey Johnson and Ryan Ferguson from Cast Images really worked it out on this shoot. Just the most awesome […]

O.K change that to 2 backlights and a black background ( sadly I actually do think of blog titles like this and can not wait to get home to post them…..) My super cool friends and I did a fun fashion shoot. I LOVE these gals, we LOVE doing fun shoots together to keep our […]

ITS OUR WEDDING !!! YEAHHHHHH ! First off, picture me in a quiet office area letting out a big YEAHHHHH when the good folks at the Our Wedding magazine told me I got the cover/ fashion shoot for their summer fall issue. I was thrilled beyond words, things were great and they were only getting […]

Beautiful hot fashion models and cake, come on ! Now that is a winning combination. FUN FACT: this shoot is on ROCK AND ROLL BRIDE BLOG TODAY !!! No words can express how grateful I felt to be involved with such an amazing and talented group of girls while photographing our super fun ‘ Let […]