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Dec 20, 2011

The eagle has LANDED ! SO excited to see the new OUR WEDDING magazine hit the stands. Man alive was this a KILLER shoot ! It was one of my all time favorite covers. Our Models Kelsey Johnson and Ryan Ferguson from Cast Images really worked it out on this shoot.
Just the most awesome team EVERRRRRRRRR ! I could go on and on and on about my love for each one of these people we had working on this hot fashion model shoot, but I am going to try and contain myself.
I adore Sherri Morris from Brushworx Makeup Artistry with the make-up, and I am deeply in love with Tina Romo hairstylist to the stars. I am always so in awe of Sarah Kreutz, she is the best in the area for styling. She has such exquisite taste ! And much love for Debbie Hurst and Miles Harley with Sacramento Magazine and Our Wedding Magazine for giving me the gig and their art direction. And our ladies from the venue, Marjorie and Carrell were as cool as two humans could possibly be ! So very warm and kind and easy to work with. Their venue, the Coloma Country Inn is one of my all time favorites ! We had some of the best wedding people give us cool stuff to make our shoot more beautiful. Rebecca from Sweet Cakes by Rebecca and Katie from Ambience Floral both brought their treasures. I had TONS of help that day with my treasured Dacy McWhorter helping me with set styling, Carrie Nicole and Phoebe Verkouw being my right hand helpers all day. These shoots are not easy ! It takes a lot of folks working all day to pull this off, to be able to be the photographer is really such an honor and a blessing. I am one lucky ducky ! And YES, this is yet another ‘you are bloggin’ WAY too many images’ post, sorry, I am going to milk this for all its worth.
This is my favorite cover EVER !
This one is so ‘vampire movie’.
Again thanks to Sarah Kreutz for her great styling, love the dresses and accessories she found.
AND NOW MORE IMAGES THAT DID NOT MAKE THE CUT ( hey we only got so many pages, not all can make it in )
I just love everything about this photo, the hair, the make up, the coy look on the models face. Mama likes !
Love this cake right. It was a work of art !
Positivley LOVE this photo ! Thanks Katie from Ambience for bringing your beautiful flowers, love you !
How romantic right : )

BONUS : Lets get a closer look at the cake and flowers shall we ?
Stunning right ?

FUN FACT : My alternate title for this blog post was : ‘ We don’t mean to brag we don’t mean to boast, but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast ‘ but I feared few would get that reference : )



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