I got 2 turn tables and a microphone

Dec 2, 2011

O.K change that to 2 backlights and a black background ( sadly I actually do think of blog titles like this and can not wait to get home to post them…..)
My super cool friends and I did a fun fashion shoot. I LOVE these gals, we LOVE doing fun shoots together to keep our creativity flowing.
Dacy Kolsky McWhorter styled our ‘ modern day Cleopatra ‘ theme shoot. Man alive is Dacy a talented lady. Sherri Morris, one of Sacramento’s Best make-up artists rocked the make-up and Tina Romo, my all time favorite hair person, did our super cute models hair. We were sooooooooooooo thankful to get such hot fashion model from our beloved Cast Images , as they well know, I am their biggest fan !
So here is what we came up with : A bit of cheesy for your viewing pleasure.

BUT WAIT…..DON’T ORDER YET, because I did one other 2 backlights and black background session that I am adding on when you call in NOW ( you just pay the shipping and handling ). This is one of my favorite gym instructors, Cathie Apple. She is a talented musician as well as one of the perkiest gym class instructors ever. I so appreciate her positive attitude every class she teaches. She is such an inspiration in many ways. Act now and get these :

Dig those back muscles right ? She teaches a weights class.



  1. Thais

    December 3rd, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Amazing work!!!! You are the best!

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