You have ALWAYS had the power

Jan 12, 2013

Talk about your ‘girl power’ collaborative effort ( o.k there were a few guys too ). This wedding theme styled shoot based on the NEW Oz movie ‘Oz the great and powerful’ turned out to be one luscious gift. The Brains behind the theme were truly Stephanie from Honey Paperie and Rebecca from Sweet Cakes by Rebecca. Add in my cool and gifted friend Jenifer Haupt with I make beautiful and my #1 hair lady of all times Tina Romo, AND a TON of other very cool ladies such as Martha Martha Martha from Blooms by Martha, Aimee Wendell from The Find, the hotties at Mimi and Co and even our own on the set nail lady Alena, and we were off and running. We were so thankful to have such hot fashion models also, we are nothing without them. I for one can not wait to see the movie, but until then please enjoy our little tribute to the Great and Powerful Oz !
And, as the ultimate gift, this will be featured on ROCK AND ROLL BRIDE today. I LOVE Kat from Rock and Roll bride, she gets me : )
Our beloved Libby got an ab workout getting this shot : )
Amanda, to know her is to love her, really a gem throughout the whole venture.
So you all may know that ‘everyone loves Raymond’ right ? Well add one MORE person EVERYONE loves, it is PHOEBE. Really, the mere mention of her name and a person will say ‘ I LOVE PHOBE ‘ and often repeat that a few times.

One HUGE shout out to Martha from BLOOMS. That lady BRINGS IT !
I have wanted to do a bridal shoot with Libby for so long, my dream came true : )
One of my all time favorite photos, great job team !

How perfect was our male model, we were so lucky to have Victor in the mix. Such a cool guy in every way.
The things Stephanie from Honey Paperie can make, she is so uniquely talented.

I am so deeply in love with this image. I would like to fool myself and think it is just all
my photo skills, but in truth, it could be Amanda’s good looks : ) Dig that cool couch from our treasured Aimee Wendal at the Find, thanks so much sister, you always have the right stuff at the right time.
Now THAT is a dessert bar people. Rebecca, how many more times can I tell you that I love you and you are gifted ?

A mondo thanks to Dreamenette Bridal and Celebrations for letting us use their wares ! So appreciated. Man alive I hope I did not leave anyone else out : )

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