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Nov 26, 2015


In case you are wondering why the sudden loyal blogging, well I accepted a blog challenge to blog every week lest I loose $100 and that is NOT going to happen. Great way to show my recent work and express my love and gratitude for my beloved wedding couples. I loved this wedding so very much. Kyla and Patrick were the bees knees of wedding couples. Their beautiful and classy wedding had so many fabulous elements such as my favorite gals at Alluring events ( they were so so awesome ), the arty historic Crocker Art Museum and the extremely hip Beatnik venue, the sweetest and best make-up gals at All Dolled Up and the truly talented Botanica floral. And we were lucky enough to get that delicious winter sun. Yay yay double yay for all of the beauty and love involved. Enough words, photos please. Sacramentophotographer0002Sacramentophotographer0003 Sacramentophotographer0004 Sacramentophotographer0005 Sacramentophotographer0006 Sacramentophotographer0007 Sacramentophotographer0008 Sacramentophotographer0009 Sacramentophotographer0010 Sacramentophotographer0011 Sacramentophotographer0012 Sacramentophotographer0013 Sacramentophotographer0014 Sacramentophotographer0015 Sacramentophotographer0016 Sacramentophotographer0017 Sacramentophotographer0018 Sacramentophotographer0019 Sacramentophotographer0020 Sacramentophotographer0021 Sacramentophotographer0022 Sacramentophotographer0023
Sacramentophotographer0028 Sacramentophotographer0029 Sacramentophotographer0030 Sacramentophotographer0031 Sacramentophotographer0032 Sacramentophotographer0033 Sacramentophotographer0034 Sacramentophotographer0035 Sacramentophotographer0036 Sacramentophotographer0037 Sacramentophotographer0038 Sacramentophotographer0039



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