The perfect Cheer

Dec 4, 2015

What do I LOVE about doing an engagement session you ask ? Well it is first and foremost capturing a couples energy and essence. I want the images¬†to feel like ¬†‘them’. Then of course I love showing just how cool and beautiful our City of Trees truly can be. It is no secret that I am a huge ‘Sacramento’ fan, I LOVE it here and think it is the best place to live ever. We have it all here with a thriving city and pristine parks. I love working with the light, the colors and architecture. Adding all of the elements to one session and giving a lot of variety. Kolby and Nick sure did bring the perfect cheer for their engagement session and we were able to use all of the elements I LOVE. These two were as good as it gets as you can see by checking out the photos : )TLP0001 TLP0002 TLP0003 TLP0004 TLP0005 TLP0006 TLP0007 TLP0008 TLP0009 TLP0010 TLP0011 TLP0012 TLP0013 TLP0014 TLP0015 TLP0016 TLP0017



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