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Nov 23, 2015

Where TO begin when one speaks about the true love of Jenny and Meliss ! Darling, fun, very happy ladies, so full of life and love for each other and their new family unit. When they came to meet me at my studio they did not have a venue so we booked them at OUR VENUE ( O.K not really mine, but I rent the upstairs space ) Their wedding at The Antique Mansion Privee was so very heartfelt. Rick at Visions Entertainment rocked their reception like a hurricane. They did in fact ‘jump around’ and as you can see everyone had a blast. Please note Jenny’s Sparkle Bridal gown ! I love all things Sparkly and Sparkle Bridal is at the top of my list as they cater to the gals with curves. And a shout out to Simple Country Weddings for adding their beautiful touches to the mix. Enjoy this one in a million love story !

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