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Oct 17, 2014

Alas my beloved Sasa and Gabino are wed. They were positively the most darling couple to grace this earth. They booked me pretty far out and since then I fell so in love with these two. Their Grand Island Mansion was a BEAUTY. With Jackies Flowers making the event beautiful and Showtime Entertainment running the show, everything ran so smoothly. Fun fact, they run beauty pageants so these two were well organized. They had so many cute details and great friends, but truly the best part of any wedding is seeing the happy couple truly in love starting their new lives together. Life is good indeed !!fb0001 fb0002 fb0003 fb0004 fb0005 fb0006 fb0007 fb0008 fb0009 fb0010 fb0011 fb0012 fb0013 fb0014 fb0015 fb0016 fb0017 fb0018 fb0019 fb0020 fb0021 fb0022 fb0023 fb0024 fb0025 fb0026 fb0027 fb0028 fb0029 fb0030 fb0031 fb0032 fb0033 fb0034 fb0035



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