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Aug 2, 2014

ALAS A BLOG POST ! YAY ! And what a beautiful and unique wedding to blog about. Tova and Don were able to strike a wonderful balance blending the Orthodox Jewish traditions with their Modern love needs. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to experience so many different cultural events and this wedding was one of my favorites. Tova and Don really pulled off an amazing day incorporating many of the Jewish Traditions and still having it their way. I loved how casual and easy going this couple was, they were focused on the feelings and being in the moment. I am so thankful I was able to enjoy and capture this fabulous event. Here are a few things I LOVED about this wedding: The Crocker ! Come on, it does not get much better than The Crocker. Art and Beauty every where you look, and to add coolness to coolness, they got ready at the Citizen Hotel ! A visual feast of sorts. And of course add Kate Whelan Events ( A.K.A K-way ) to the mix and you are sure to have one well organized and beautiful event. On of my all time favorite florists, Shannon ( A.K.A Sha-nona Rider ) from Flourish worked her usual magic as you can see and LeiLani and her team ( A.K.A Lay-low and Stitch ) at Hello Glam sure glammed it up in the most perfect way as well as staring the day with some fun and lively energy. One MONDO thanks for one Wendy Hithe Photography  (A.K.A The GINGER photographer ) for shooting with me on this wedding, yes…I brought in a ringer for this one. O.K no more words, only photos from here on out !tvb0001 tvb0002 tvb0003 tvb0004 tvb0005 tvb0006 tvb0007 tvb0008 tvb0009 tvb0010tvb0011 tvb0012 tvb0013 tvb0014 tvb0015 tvb0016 tvb0017 tvb0018 tvb0019 tvb0020 tvb0021 tvb0022 tvb0023 tvb0024 tvb0025 tvb0026 tvb0027 tvb0028 tvb0029 tvb0030 tvb0031 tvb0032



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