I really want to take full credit

Oct 25, 2014

Yeah, I REALLY want to take full credit for how awesome this wedding turned out, but truly there were many factors that contributed to the magic that was Heather and DJ’s wedding. Like my AMAZING and talented partner Sarah Torres who I adore and takes incredible photos to add to the mix. The Stunning setting and incredible sunsets at Serrano Country club with Jennifer at the wheel making everything flow with ease, our talented florist Dawn from Natural Flair Custom Floral Design and my oh so beloved one and only Matt from Extreme Productions. Also one of my favorite officiants Cindie Wilding did their ceremony like a boss and my pals at All Dolled Up made this beautiful bride even more beautiful. And of course This delightful couple ! Man alive did I LOVE Heather and D.J ! So fun loving, delightful and all around chill. Fabulous families and friends, incredible skies, jelly beans and kittens happening on the very very special day ! I could write a small novel about this wedding and how much I loved everything about it, but me thinks if you are looking at my blog it is because you want to see photos, so lets get to the good stuff below already.blog0001 blog0002 blog0003 blog0004 blog0005 blog0006 blog0007 blog0008
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2014-10-25_0046 blog0017 blog0018 blog0019 blog0020 blog0021 blog0022 blog0023 blog0024 blog0025 blog0026 blog0027 blog0028 blog0029 blog0030 blog0031 blog0032 blog0033 blog0034 blog0035 blog0036 blog0037 blog0038
Yes, we did put the rings on a page of War and Peace ?blog0039



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