Big Mama’s house

May 13, 2014

Awww ! So many awesome and adorable things about Steph and Nesh’s wedding where do I start ? First off they got married in my studio, well o.k not IN my studio but in the same building at Antiquite Maison Privee’ ( We nicknames it Tara ala Gone with the Wind ), my studio is upstairs so they were able to use my cool studio for photos ! We all LOVE our building ! It is the gem of Sacramento with endless great places to capture true love. The next awesome things is I photographed Steph’s sisters wedding 10 years ago, so it was so great seeing the family again. And then of course the fusion wedding aspect with all of the amazing colorful and interesting aspects that brings. Their day was so very perfect with Jackson Catering knocking it out of the ball park with the perfect fusion meal and my buddy Sean at Music and More working his magic to make the event truly memorable . I truly LOVED this wedding !

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