Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Nov 23, 2012

One last engagement session hurrah for the year 2012 ! Travis and Lacey are about the nicest, cutest, most fun couple on the earth, so I was thrilled to get some sunshine to capture their love on this other wise rainy day. It was literally pouring rain a hour before their session, so it was such a gift to be able to shoot with some beautiful light. Again, these two are pure goodness and light and were about the best subject a gal could ever have. We are all excited about their up-coming wedding this summer at the Citizen Hotel. Enjoy a small taste of their true love engagement session :

Of course I had to add a bit of my ‘ funk ‘ into the mix.
Her friend Amanda came along to help out, really a great idea !
Um crazy in love…me with this photo that is, oh they were crazy in love also for the record.
Sun and rain and a spider man kiss, let me count the ways of how I love thee : )
This was Lacey’s grandfathers blanket so it has special meaning, and we jacked the idea off pinterest, who are we kidding here ?
This reminded me of a movie set, like the happy ending of a love story.



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