50 Shades of Pink

Nov 19, 2012

Think pink people. I have been jonesin to post these vibrant, happy happy joy joy and oh so PINK and colorful photos of Chonnie and Janoah ( Cha-no no and Ja no-no if you were needing their nicknames any time soon ). This wedding was a slam dunk with all its ‘bling bling’, loads of happy people and a couple MADLY in love with each other. I LOVED working with Joe from Extreme Productions, the sunset and view at Serrano Country Club, and of course this fun, vivacious and full of life couple. And yes… the DID have a bridal party of 20 people. The more the merrier for Chojo ( great celebrity name mash up right ). Please to drink the pink folks :
I love these behind the scenes shot my treasured second shooter get, go Michelle’s bells !
Serranno Country Club sure has a lot of great backdrops, we were in photographers heaven !
One of my favorite photos of all time : )

FUN FACT: Chonnie is a wrapper and did a full on song to her husband at their reception. It brought down the house : )
If you did not get enough, here is a link to their slideshow, just click HERE



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