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Jan 7, 2012

WHEWWWWW ! Way to ROCK in the new year with the cover of Sacramento Magazine ! Loved this concept and our superstar models from CAST IMAGES ! Working with a pro makes my day. Great job on the hair and make-up by Jenifer Haupt, I am her biggest fan !
The best part of getting a cover is going into starbucks and seeing it on the stands. Often I am in gym clothes ( sadly whether or not I have been to or am planning to go to the gym ) and I tell the barrestas ‘ this is my cover’ and they look at me like ‘ yeah right ‘. Anywho, ALWAYS a big thrill ! And since I am too lazy to drum up another blog post I figured just putting up all my covers would buy me some time. So happy it is a new year ! i LOVE how we all get a fresh start. For lack of another word that rhymes, ready to DELVE into 2012 : )

2011 ruled with these 2 covers ! Whoot !

Why you gotta bring up old stuff right ? Re-living my glory days….

FUN FACT: This is Mike Regan of Mr. DJ Service

Sacramento’s Adrience Bankart
This was my first cover……oh the memories !
So get out the balm because it appears I am going to milk this for all its worth.



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