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Apr 29, 2011

SHANNON TERRY ! So when one meets Chris Terry of Encore Entertainment and photo booths, one is instantly impressed with the guy ! He is the pretty darn all over fabulous AND kind, warm, giving, great business man, smart, does his job really well and is incredibly likable. One thinks they are at the top of the Terry family experience, until you meet his wife SHANNON TERRY ! This gal is the bomb dignity. I love this girl, breathtaking beauty, smarts, and a sprit that oozes love and warmth. I especially appreciate how she reminds me to focus on the positive and to alway go back to my truth. She is really someone special !!!!
They were married last year, and Shannon LOVED her wedding photos, but Miss Shannon wanted to wear her dress one more time. Mission now accomplished and she can retire that baby with no regrets : )

Shannon is also a make-up artist so that is a big plus, great job on her own make-up

This was the one that made my heart pitter patter the most.

This was also one of my favorite, love the color of those bubbles !
FUN FACT: Shannon met Chris county line dancing ! She danced her way right into his life for GOOD !



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