2 Brides for the price of one

May 5, 2011

WENDY AND CARRIE ARE ON ‘ SO YOUR enGAYged ‘ blog TODAY. And, well every other Gay blog out there. Not knowing the ways of the blog I submitted it to every gay blog and it was accepted by…every one. My poor ladies having to fill out oh so many questionnaires ( sorry ).
Where to begin to speak of Wendy and Carrie ? Their love for each other and their family touched my soul. The fact that they are not given equal rights breaks my heart. But these two were not about wallowing in the in-justice, they were about celebrating their love for each other with all of their family and friends.
The dream team was the house ! Lora Ward from A Day to Remember planned the wedding like nobodies business, Matt from Extreme Pro D.J’s made the party Extremely awesome and Carissa from Sugar and Spice Speciality Desserts kept everyone in a delicious sugar high. The wedding was at the Citizen Hotel so we had an abundance of amazing places to shoot. Truly a memorable event !
I brought along my own dream team Andrea and Shannon to help me with this special day. Two brides need a lot of coverage people, I am so very thankful for my friends help !!!!
We were all so touched by the way Wendy and Carrie insisted we eat with their guests, we had the most delicious meal that we were talking about several days later. That is just how these ladies roll, a class act !
Awesome expressions ( my favorite part of any wedding ) were abundant on this special day.
I heart shooting at the Citizen Hotel sooooooooo much. Man alive are there loads of great spots.
Wendy walking their children down the isle, priceless !
Photographers LOVE up-lighting !
Of course as the photographer I was required to eat each of these treats after photographing them…. I was just doing my job people.

This photo was on MSMBC !

FUN FACT: Wendy is ‘ sort of a big deal’ in the gay community as an advocate for equal rights. I told these ladies when they are granted the right to marry like everyone else I will be there shooting their legal marriage as well.



  1. Sarah Maren

    May 6th, 2011 at 12:53 am

    Amazing as always my love! And just so you know, you have a second shooter right here when prop 8 is repealed. 😉

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