SUPERMODEL ( you better WORK )

Apr 25, 2011

Sweet ALISSA ! Mike and Alissa were photographers DREAM couple, so very cute and such great models. Alissa was cracking me up on how she able to model like a PRO. Mike was no slouch and was as equally photogenic. Their BIG DAY is in Sept. at what they call Gun’s and Roses ( aka Wine and Roses ). Much thanks to the Citizen Hotel for letting us use their extremely cool venue for some unique engagement photos : )
I for one could not be ANY more excited to take MORE photos of these two madly in love would be super models.
This was one of my favorite, would you look at these two work it ?
I DO love a stairwell
Yes, one of my trademark poses. My love for this photo runs DEEP !
Brad should be jealous of this photo cause I thinking of building a life with it : )
FUN FACT: Blog title based on this song :
Yet another FUN FACT: Jewelry by Robyn Groves from: Stella & Dot , Robyn has been the face of True Love Photo with what we affectionately call ‘spinny girl’ photo of Robyn Spinning in a short dress. Itty Bitty world right.



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