LOVE STORIES are just the BEST right ? Who does NOT love a great love story ? I am blessed to hear love stories galore from my treasured brides and grooms. But often I get to see a different love story on the wedding day, like the love story of mother and daughter. Tamara lost […]

2010 Weddings

October 7, 2010

This is no ordinary love

When you meet Lindsay, you are instantly bowled over by her stunning good looks, but after just a few moments you see what a lovely and incredible person she truly is. When I met Tanner, I also fell in love with his charm and great personality, and of course he is also as cute as […]

2010 Weddings

September 23, 2010

Va va vooooom !!! ( insert 3 minutes of cat calls here )

Also adorable and yummie.. the subjects for my latest assignments for my beloved Sacramento Magazine. As usual I was thrilled to have gotten such cool assignments. I LOVE getting a slice of peoples lives via photographing them. Jamie Jones, the local actress in the play Shear Madness was sheer joy. Our very own BEAUTY QUEEN, […]

sacramento magazine

July 6, 2010

Baby ducks, bunnies, kittens and melted butter