Baby ducks, bunnies, kittens and melted butter

Jul 6, 2010

Also adorable and yummie.. the subjects for my latest assignments for my beloved Sacramento Magazine. As usual I was thrilled to have gotten such cool assignments. I LOVE getting a slice of peoples lives via photographing them. Jamie Jones, the local actress in the play Shear Madness was sheer joy.
Our very own BEAUTY QUEEN, the reining Miss Sacramento, Shaline DeGuzman was sunshine on a rainy day, just so full of life and light. A dream subject.
and our very own naturalist, Tracy, touched our hearts with her warmth and over all coolness ( and she taught us a thing or two about animal poo ). A mondo thanks to the super cool Stephanie Smith for loaning me ‘two cute blond girls’ in such short notice.
Here are the images the magazine ran:
dress rehersalshaline shaline shaline shalineeeeeeee
and they got to eat ice cream
And here are a few more of my favorites:omgtake to the skyrushblu by ucircle of life



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    July 7th, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    Awesome Photos!

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