Va va vooooom !!! ( insert 3 minutes of cat calls here )

Sep 23, 2010

When you meet Lindsay, you are instantly bowled over by her stunning good looks, but after just a few moments you see what a lovely and incredible person she truly is. When I met Tanner, I also fell in love with his charm and great personality, and of course he is also as cute as the day in long. Loved these two and felt so very thankful to be a part of their big day at the incredibly beautiful and photogenic Viaggio winery.
Bling bling was the theme of the day, her receiption room was breath taking. One of my all time favorite D.j’s Chris Terry of Encore Entertainment made this party ROCK, with his usual flare for great music choices, AND he made my photos look INCREDIBLE with all of his lighting ( ps lighting is a photographers best friend ). Their bridal party made the day a BLAST ! Just love, fun, joy, and happiness galore.
I was THRILLED the kind folks at the Viaggo let us inside of the mansion to shoot. So many cool spots, i was over the moon !
I am goo goo ga ga for the photo on the left.
I LOVE the photo my second shooter, Michelle got of the back of them going in. Michelle, you are AWESOME !
I just ADORED their bridal party. Such fun people !!!!
Chris Terry from Encore Entertainment made their party ROCK !

FUN FACT : Lindsay and her dad did this intricate dance to ‘ pour some sugar on me ‘. They brought down the house. Well done !!!!
I hesitate to post their slideshow as I was pushing the limits of slideshow songs…but if the shoe fits people…….



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