Well Hello! Yes back to blogging after being ‘on break’ for a bit. Here is a beauty of a wedding for my ‘re-united and it feels so good’ first post back. All the thing with the Chinese traditions, heading to the Citizen Hotel to get ready and then one awesome ceremony and reception at The […]

2020 is funny

March 30, 2020

And so you’re back from outer space

Oh HELLO Vizcaya wedding!  Why have I not blogged you sooner? I am not sure but you are up and running now so we are all good. Tim and Erin, some of the best people you will EVER meet. I will keep this short and sweet, enjoy!  Bi

2015 Weddings

April 23, 2016

Vizcaya yeah-ya !

Monica and Ryan voted most darling photogenic couple on earth!  Boom, one fabulous first wedding of 2016, yes please and thank you. We LOVED this couple so much, they were bursting with fun and vibrant energy and they loved photos. We packed in every photo possible. The Citizen Hotel rocked as usual, we heart Melissa from […]

2016 Weddings

March 22, 2016

We sang every song that driver knew

For this couple, pretty freaking DEEP !! Eugene and Gliezel have me totally smitten. They love photos ( which in my business is a very good thing ) so they had me do their ‘save the date’ photos. The clouds were looming but luckily they let up for this oh so happy spring session. It […]


March 1, 2016

How deep is your love ?

That dress though ! There numerous beautiful and fabulous things about Nate and Chelsea’s Citizen Hotel wedding, but her dress was one of our favorites. So unique and beautiful. As you know this gal LOVES the Citizen Hotel, such a unique and hip venue. Getting that perfect sunset photo on the balcony, using all of […]

2015 Weddings

February 2, 2016

Double yes to that dress

Monica and Ryan, dream couple of all times. Monica was bursting with ideas for her engagement session. Dig her modern Breakfast at Tiffanies theme and a nod to Lady and the tramp with them both eating a licorice rope. They love everything related to comic books and are the ultimate movie buffs.I LOVED them and […]


January 20, 2016

Bright and shineyyyyy

Talk about your all around FABULOUS couples ! Tara and James were the whole package. Voted most likely to succeed ! We LOVED their fabulous Lake Tahoe wedding this past summer. Tara and James were madly in love and as you can see enjoyed their special day.  

2015 Weddings

January 13, 2016

Ridiculously good looking

Blog post title from one of my all time favorite shows 30 Rock: So, sometimes I even annoy myself with my Pollyanna, blessed beyond my wildest dreams, life is good indeed self. That being said, here goes another rant about how blessed I am and how good life truly is… o.k I can spare you […]


December 26, 2015

Shut it down

Looking at the end of 2015 and pondering my many blessings. Again and again I contemplate my good fortune and how I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams. Getting a few of my favorites from this year together to refresh my wall art at my super cool studio and so I had these on the ready. And […]

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December 14, 2015


Gotta love when a gal lets me put her booty on the internet. This charming and friendly gal was sheer delight. I am not able to show most of my Boudoir work, but this gem said as long as I do not show her boobs she was cool. So YEAH !  I DO have the coolest […]


December 8, 2015

If you got it flaunt it