Shut it down

Dec 26, 2015

Blog post title from one of my all time favorite shows 30 Rock:

So, sometimes I even annoy myself with my Pollyanna, blessed beyond my wildest dreams, life is good indeed self. That being said, here goes another rant about how blessed I am and how good life truly is… o.k I can spare you the rant and just post a ton of my commercial and portrait work favorites and we can call it a day. Deal ? From Bellies to boobies to babies,¬†events, families, headshots, body builders to boxers, this gal does a wide array of work. Here are a few, o.k ALOT of favs:

ls0001 ls0002 ls0003 ls0004 ls0025 ls0006 ls0007 ls0008 ls0013 ls0015 ls0016 ls0017 ls0020 ls0021 ls0024
ls0029 ls0030 ls0041 ls0044 ls0047 ls0050 ls0051 ls0053 ls0055 ls0057 ls0058 ls0066 ls0067 ls0068 ls0070 ls0071 ls0077 ls0079 ls0081 ls0082 ls0086 ls0088



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