We sang every song that driver knew

Mar 22, 2016

Monica and Ryan voted most darling photogenic couple on earth!  Boom, one fabulous first wedding of 2016, yes please and thank you. We LOVED this couple so much, they were bursting with fun and vibrant energy and they loved photos. We packed in every photo possible. The Citizen Hotel rocked as usual, we heart Melissa from All Dolled Up and adore everything about Visual Impact and their beautiful work. I am as usual so thankful to be able to document these special occations, for such an amazing venue and for my freaking AWESOME second shooter Sarah Torres. Yup, life IS good indeed.b0001 b0002 b0003 b0004 b0005 b0006 b0007 b0008 b0009 b0010 b0011 b00122016-03-22_0043 b0013 b0014 b0015 b0016 b0017 b0018 b0019 b0020 b0021 b0022 b0023 b0024 b0025 b0026 b0027 b0028 b0029 b0030 b0031 b0032



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