Brilliant, Beautiful and Badass

Sep 2, 2015

Three cheers to this Brillant ( yes they both have PHD’s ) couple and their BEAUTIFUL  wedding at the Crocker Art Museum. I was thrilled to be chosen to shoot Cynthia and Andrew’s wedding especially when I heard the one and only Kate Whelan Events would be their event designer. And one of my favorite Masters of Ceremony S.J’s DJ would be running the show and Rev. Tan ( I am a fan ) rocking the ceremony. All fabulous things. But wait, don’t order yet as we had my beloved Lea from BGorgeous doing the hair and make-up and the talented  Melissa designing her flowers. Winning.  This couple was pure delight from the get go, I loved how they were so relaxed and easy going throughout the entire day. And I loved how the bride texted me the next day and told me I was a badass. Mama likes indeed.
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