The Way Way back

Apr 24, 2015

I have been searching for the right words to describe my joy regarding Allison and Scott’s wedding for some time. It will be hard to express my true love ( yes, cheesy plug inserted there ) for this wedding but I shall try. First off I have known Allison for many years, and her mom, Lora Ward and I go way way back. Lora Ward from A Day to Remember, is one of the most seasoned well known wedding planners in the area, and so for her daughter  to have chosen me, out of ALL of the photographers they have worked with over the years was most flattering. And to add even more goodness into the mix, the wedding was held at my studio. Well not in my studio, but downstairs at Antiquities or “Tara” as I call it. The wedding was small and intimate and the details were FABULOUS ! So many of Lora’s peeps brought the heat, with the talented Kendra Pfeiffer at the coordinating wheel, Jennifer Gilchrist making the bride and gals oh so glamours, Jackson Catering making amazing food, Sarah from Cuttings making the event beautiful with her floral designs, my beloved Doug and Dara from Music on the Move rocking tunes and mastering the reception fun, and Mike Jensen capturing the magic on video. But with all of the beauty and well planned events, what touched my heart most was this couple. Allison is truly one of the most amazing gals on earth, she was the worlds best bride. And her very handsome husband was one of the most sincere stand up guys. I LOVED THEM SO MUCH. An amazing time was had by all. Life is indeed very very good.
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  1. Jeri

    April 25th, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    So.Much.Awesomeness! Beautiful work as always, Beth, capturing the laughter and tears and joy and true love! Bravo!

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