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Feb 12, 2013

SWEET ! Hello FIRST WEDDING OF 2013. And I am here to report, it was stunning in every way.
First off, Kacee and Micah and I have a massive love thing going on, I am goo goo ga ga for them. Lets count all of marvelous things involved in this wedding one by one.
The wedding was held at the coolest place on earth, o.k, in Sacramento anyway, The Citizen hotel. Their flowers were so perfect for Kacee’s vision, I love Jackies flowers, she nails it every time. One of my ‘flava flav’ d.j’s, Dominic ( I won’t post his nickname as it is a bit racy ) from Extreme Pro D.J’s always brings his A game. And my beloved Rev. Jeri Murphy officated, I lurve her. Add in her fun friends and family and their kindness towards everyone involved and this wedding was exceptional. Since this is my first blog post in a bit, hold on, it is a long one ( who am I kidding, there are all pretty long ).
Great shot from my awesome second shooter, thanks Jammies !
Yummy shot of Kacee and her beautiful flowers, just perfection.

I LOVED her M.O.H, always good to have some strong women in the mix : )
Yeah, don’t ask…
Again, Go Jackies Flowers, NAILED IT SISTER.
Ceremony #1, did mention, this was a brillant idea !
And then onto the public ceremony, I LOVED this part, where Kacee is trying so hard not to cry. Again, hiring Rev. Jeri Murphy was a wise move, I love her energy.

This couple had the cutest decor, just darling !

And this is how they met, adorable right.
One of my all time favorite candids of all time.

Fun fact, Kacee and Micah had 2 ceremonies, the first was a combo ‘first look’ private ceremony on the balcony, and the second the traditional public ceremony. Brilliant idea ! I felt so very blessed to be in attendance of the private ceremony, it was pure magic !



  1. Kacee

    February 18th, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Beth you’re amazing thank you so much for capturing so many amazing memories for us. Xoxo

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