Repeat the sounding of Joy

Feb 6, 2013

A bit of recent work printed in Sacramento Magazine to feed the hungry blog : ). I have said 423 times how much I love and appreciate shooting various assignments. Partly because I am noisy and love getting a glimpse into folks lives, and partly because I love the challenge of finding nailing just the right photo.
Note the flowers from Shannon ‘Totes Mc Goats’ from Flourish, her milk shake truly does bring all the boys to the yard. Great table shot from The Citizen Hotel, such a beautiful room.
My adorable bride Sara who was married at The Crocker Art Museum this past summer getting some lovin’ : )
FUN FUN FUN at karaoke at Oishii, I want to go back there
soon. It is such a unique venue.
I love it, they call her the ‘menu whisperer’.
This was a ‘why you gotta bring up old stuff’ shot we did of the band Desario a few years back. Desario is the gem of Sacramento. Jim Rivas, band member extraordinaire, is a friend and husband of our very own, again Shannon from Flourish ( name dropping like crazy over here ).
And Lastly, this image snagged ‘The big picture’ spot in the magazine. This was from the Christmas concert from the kids at St. Patricks Academy, completely adorable, this concert really reminded me of what Christmas is all about. So very touching.



  1. Shannon. Totes McGoats

    February 8th, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    How fun! You are the Bethie B! Thanks for the shout out for Flourish and for Desario!

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