The Girl can't help it

Jan 7, 2013

Sheila ‘Parm’ and Justin had such a beautiful wedding. Really it was the dream wedding all around at their David Girard Wedding this fall. Beautiful lighting, colors, a breath taking venue, packed with loved ones cheering them on, I mean who could ask for anything more ? Their D.J, Ricky O’Neal was so talented on the turn table, their party truly ROCKED. This couple had it all, and they were both so sweet and easy going, it was a pleasure to be a part of their blessed union. Many thanks to Fransico ‘ Ricardo Girado ‘ and Nicole ‘ She Devil ‘ for all their help making this day fantastic. And yes…everyone DOES usually get some sort of nickname eventually. And one more HUGE shout out to my peep at Beth Sogaard Catering, man alive do these folks do a great job. LOVE THEM !

Fun fact : If you are wondering my Sheila is so ‘ cut ‘, she is a fitness instructor. This girl had it going on !



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