Why you gotta bring up old stuff ?

Feb 29, 2012

Oh I can dig up some engagement sessions and weddings that have never seen the light of day in the winter alright : ) Having been told ‘ if you have a blog you have to blog ‘ by Sarah Maren herself, I am digging up an older sessions for your viewing pleasure.
This was one of the coolest engagement sessions I did all year. Suzanne and Mike were married at this rice farm and I was delighted to do their engagement session in this location as well. Oh so many places to photograph, I was like a kid in a candy store. Please enjoy the rural beauty and this couples obvious love :
Suzanne had such an easy laugh, I positively adored her !
Now if I remember right this was an almond orchard, oh my how I could have shot here for HOURS on end.
Mike was so good hearted, he sure put up with a lot of my poses that day….
Please note the photo to the right where they appear to be in a shed full of mallords. Mike just about had enough of my antics at this point.



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