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Feb 22, 2012

That was what Jake of Lesley and Jake told us at one point as Lesley and I were in this huge post wedding love fest. Funny ! We just had endless, “no I love you” e-mails. Thinking about it warms my soul. A special day indeed, one could feel the love between these two. It felt like they were both just so very grateful to have found each other. Jake was as good as it get in the groom department, and Lesley had a way of making everyone around her feel joyful and relaxed. How deep is my love ? DEEP !
So why do I blubber on and on about my favorite vendors ? Because this can be a really stressful day at times and having your favorite peeps around really makes for a happy couple, and a happy couple makes for awesome photos. A win win ! So that is why I will rave about Larry from Extreme ( deep love ) and how he makes an event AWESOME, and how Shannon from Flourish makes the whole day more beautiful with her arty flowers, and what a great job the folks at the Citizen Hotel do making sure everything runs smoothly and the couple feels well taken care ( run on sentence much ? ).
I heart the Goveners suite at the Citizen Hotel.
Lesley gasping at delight upon seeing her flowers from Flourish.
I love this moment of Leslie with her favorite auntie. Awesome shot by Francisco who I nicknamed Ricardo and call him that so much I often forget that is not his real name.
Shannon sure makes pretty flowers !
These are the moments I love the most !
I love this photo !
One view of this shot…
And the second view here : )

Fun Fact : Here is an example of said love notes after posting this blog post on Lesley’s facebook page:

I am ready to revive our love notes now : )



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