May 23, 2011

KELLY AND JASON, lets just say when they were on their honeymoon I actually found myself hoping they would make a honeymoon baby just so I could photograph them again SOON. Talk about your dream subjects ! These two were FABULOUS SUBJECTS ! LOVED THEM !! Their whole day was a huge love feast, their friends, family and loved ones were all such a joy to work with. During their toast I thought to myself ‘ these are the kind of people I want in my life forever’. Truly a remarkable couple in so many ways, so happy and in love. Their wedding was indeed a blessed day at the Vizcaya ! Add in my dear friend and AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER Thais shooting with me, Jennifer Haupt making them even better looking, the ever talented Shannon from Flourish designing their flowers AND Encore Entertainment providing them with a photo booth and rad lighting, and it was AS GOOD AS IT GETS !

Kelly wanted A LOT of ring shots !
Kelly could work a zoo lander look like nobodies business. We could not get enough of her !
Man alive do I LOVE this photo ! See what I mean about these two, they worked it liked CRAZY !
Um….LOVE !!
Huge FAN of this photo !
Copying myself : )

FUN FACT: Jason installs alarms. When he went to Kelly’s work to install an alarm, he made sure he fiddled with the alarm system so he had a reason to come back and see her again. The rest is history !



  1. Shannon

    May 23rd, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    They truly are adorable. My favorite part of working with Kelly and Jason was how Jason was just involved in the planning as Kelly. He went the extra mile to make sure his bride had everything she wanted on their wedding day. Amazing pictures Beth!

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