Last dance, last chance for LOVE ( for 2010 that is )

May 16, 2011

Yikes, I still have weddings to blog from 2010 ? Who does that ? Me I guess. This wedding was a gem I tell you, so it needed some time in the sun. There was in fact NO sun for Megan and John’s nov. wedding, but no worries, we worked it out like nobodies bees wax. If you look up ‘ soul mates’ in the dictionary, there is a photo of Megan and John. Loving these two is EASY cause they are positively one of the most terrific couples on earth. Their wedding at North Ridge Country Club ruled ! They had their Ketubha signing followed by a ceremony under the Chuppah with so many beautiful moments. Much love and joy filled their special night. And much joy came from the fact that my bff Sarah Maren ( yes, you heard it right ) shot the wedding with me. Lucky !!!

This was the credo of their favorite soccer team, you will NEVER walk alone ! True DAT !

I dig the little spider web inside the flower : )

One of my all time favorite photos EVERRRRRRRR

Love this shot by none other than Sarah Maren Whitehead.



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