Color me STOKED to be on STYLE ME PRETTY

Jan 13, 2011

YAYYYYYY ! THIS wedding is on STYLE ME PRETTY wedding blog. Wow-sers is that cool. I would love to take credit for the wedding getting on Style me pretty, but really it was ALL ROZ. She is positively the coolest girl ever. I would joke with the other vendors ‘what does a person have to do in another life to be born Roz, how many leapers does one have to feed ?’ Her Stunning good looks paled in comparison to her warm and loving personality. And just when you thought you would never meet a person as cool, in comes Kyle. They were just the PERFECT couple. She had soooooo many ideas and did soooooo many cool details, she was a shoe in to be on Style me Pretty.
I WISH I could tell you Roz and Kyle’s wedding was all sunshine and lolli-pops, but actually it rained BUCKETS ! Just NON-STOP rain. Roz and Kyle REFUSED to let it get them down. They had their dream wedding rain and all. What was one of the most memorable parts was how their vendors really pulled together. I could go ON AND ON about each vendors but suffice to say, ALL SEASONS ALL REASON rocked the food, Visual Impact did a stunning job with the flowers, Mike Jensen of Jensen wedding Films was terrific as usual, Carrell and Marjorie of the Coloma Country Inn and INNCREDIBLE EVENTS were……incredible, LOVE YOU LADIES. And my beloved Mike Regan from MR. D.J Service tore it up on the dance floor. Mike I am your biggest fan. Together we created magic !

The Coloma Country Inn had loads of these cute details. Just the most darling venue ever.

See why we loved Roz ! Who carves a pumpkin like that ? Answer : Roz
Please note : We were shooting this in the FULL RAIN ! Go Roz !
My boyfriend, Brad Haynes LOVED the photo of Roz making the face : )
This was one of my favorite shots of the day.

Note the dogs tail.
Another one of my favs.
I literally gasp when I saw this photo. Mama likes !!!
EVERYONE LOVED LOVED LOVED LINDA, Roz’s mom was a special lady !

So much crazy cool happy joy fun on the dance floor. I heart Mike Regan of Mr. D.J Service, you make any wedding you are at FUN.

LONG POST…sorry : ) One more shout out to my treasured Second shooter Michelle Shiftlet for her un-wavering support and great photos on this most wet day.
Here is their SLIDESHOW if you need to see more, or want to see more : )
TOUCHING STORY: ( instead of fun fact ) Roz’s mom Linda was such a character and loved by all of her vendors. She told me that she drove herself to the hospital to give birth to Roz and drove herself home. They had this beautiful mother daughter bond that touched my heart.
UPDATE: Roz and Kyle are now internationally known and their known the rock the microphone ( sorry, any excuse to use that line ). A Dutch blog is all about them now. Roz and Kyle….they are so hot right now :
check out TROUWBLOG



  1. Kay Beaton

    January 13th, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Absolutely beautiful wedding Beth! I love these photos – LOVE your use of umbrellas on a rainy day… GREAT work!

  2. Rozalyn

    January 13th, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    Beth. So many warm words to be said about you and your beloved energy. We were so blessed to not only have you as our photographer, but to now have you as a friend.
    -The Schlumpfs-

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