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Jan 9, 2011

Barbara, Betty and Zuckerberg, oh my ! I know…. nobody like a name dropper, but it is just TOO tempting in this case. While shooting this years California Museum’s Hall of Fame awards all I could think was how proud my mom was going to be that I was able to photograph Barbara Steisand ! What an exciting event.
Here is my gossip run down :
Both Mark Zuckerberg and Serrena William gave me the stink eye for perhaps being a bit too zealous in my quest to photograph them. Betty White was just a adorable as she seems, one just wanted her to be their grandma. Maria Shiver was stunning ! What a vibrate woman. I was so enamored of her throughout the whole event. Barbara was just as one pictures her, ozzing star quality. Lisa Ling was pure delight, so bubbly and happy. It was an honor to photograph our Governor and Major ( I have a tiny crush on Kevin Johnson ). And So VERY thrilling to meet Client Eastwood and James Cameron.
Ok enought with me being star struck and bring on the photos :
Betty stole the show


James Broilin there supporting Barbra !

What ? Client Eastwood ? Super coolness right !

Maria Shriver, so vibrant and full of life. What an honor to meet her.

Merle Haggard looking good !

All kidding aside, I give crazy props to the creator of facebook ! Mark Zuckerberg, you really changed the world when you invented facebook ( mu sister still claims she invented it )

This is my friend Jared from Matthew Allen Weddings and Events. Good time !

Kevin is so cute ( yes I said it )

Harvey Milk’s nephew

The California Museum’s staff did a great job ! Much thanks for letting me be a part of all the festivities and a SPECIAL thank to Kelly Bitz and Brenna Hamilton ! Great job !!!



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