I'll take Liz Lemon for the win

Feb 15, 2010

This wedding held a special place in my heart, my beloved Liz Raley ( aka Liz lemon, yes she IS a ‘Raley’ from the store ‘Raley’ family ) and I have been friend for many years. Liz is the most precious girl, warm, kind, beautiful, witty, and a fabulous designer. For years we talked about me shooting her wedding ( we had it all planned, just needed the guy ). Luckily Justin came along at just the right time. To know Justin is to love him. He is a doll.
Liz and Justin were made for each other, the perfect match. Her wedding at the Grand Ballroom was radiant with vibrant colors and touching details. These two have amazing families and were just a class act all the way. Liz reminded me of a young Grace Kelly, so elegant and timeless. My favorite part of the wedding was when Justin Grabbed the microphone and thanked his family. I love the gushy stuff.
Double extra bonus score of the year… THAIS of Love at First Click shot the wedding with me. Thais ‘Thais bo’ is also one of Liz’s design clients, Liz is the most amazing designer !
Sexy, fun, fab, flirty flowers done by none of than the Divine miss MARTHA of Blooms. Dig those pink balls Martha !
AND…. THEIR WEDDING WILL BE FEATURED IN THE NEXT REAL WEDDINGS MAGAZINE. I know…it just gets better and better right :
thank for stalking bymolly ringwaldsmoke em if you got emforever youngdo YOU think its clean ?your eyes, the light the heatstanding the shadows of loveyes...another food and ring shot YES…. what shoot would be complete without me doing something weird with the rings.
bo boGREAT SHOT by my beloved Thais ( Thai bo ) I am sort of obsessed with it…
grace kelly See what I mean with my ‘young grace kelly’ comment ?
what am i a clown to you ?mr bigjust in casego for the goldblue by you I LOVED the way Liz tied all of the colors together : )
great combonana Great shot of Liz’s nana
moment of truth These moments are usually my favorite, the ‘moment of truth’.
just like a prayer, your voice can take me thereup on the roof top click click click We were able to go up on the roof top to catch the perfect sunset. It was wild being so close to the birds
man alive I am so totally and deeply in love with this photo !
captain kangarewfunny strange or funny ha habobalishiousmartha's balls Do you love Martha’s balls, the pink ‘balls’ in the vase gave us endless fader about martha’s balls, they were alot more slippery than they lookedtouch down This is one of my favorite photos in the world ever of all times. This says it all right ?
misty water color memoriesall cupcakes are not created equalbumble beesexcellent thank you baby Jesus
FUN FACT : Justin’s dad and his band sang their first song, and Liz’s dad built their candy cart, both very touching !
Here is their SLIDESHOW



  1. Dynamite Weddings

    February 21st, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring on the kiwi slice!

  2. Aubrey Shirshac

    March 11th, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Oh my goodness, these photographs are absolutely amazing!
    I really love your work!!

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