Everybody loves Jo Jo and Smikey

Feb 11, 2010

Every vendor Jodi and Mikey hired for their special day ADORDED THEM ! A wedding photographers dream couple, they ozzed warmth, kindness, love, goodness and FUN. I was honored to have been chosen capture their Big day. I loved all of their funky details, like peacock feathers and blue chuck’s ( which Jodi added a massive amount of glitter, everything is better with glitter right ).
My dear friend Shannon ( shanona Rider ) from FLOURISH…how do I LOVE THEE….Let me count the ways, kicked arse with their flowers. I love the way she puts her ‘mojo’ on the flowers. Stunning work as usual.
Just the perfect wedding at Lake Natomas Inn, perfect weather, the perfect D.j, Dominic ( Omen )from EXTREME and the perfect photo booth from Encore. Added bonus….getting to work with my friend Eric ( Erisa bearsa ) from ACTI-VIDEO. He ALWAYS brings charm and warmth and some great ideas when he shoots a wedding.
My favorite part of the day was the toast, Jodi’s maid of honor did this photo montage with photos of her and Jodi from their youth, HILARIOUS ! The whole crowd was cracking up like crazy.
So much fun and love, chalked full of yummine goodness :
i heart blog stalkerspacks a punchju ju beeselvis has left the buildingdarling i love you but give me park avenuesay hello to my little frienddancing machineover processederic from acti-video
This was Eric from ACTI-VIDEO’S idea to make her ‘the runaway bride’. Eric rules, he is my fav. videographer : )
slow motionhello stunning
WOW ! How BEAUTIFUL does my little Jodi look, what a beauty. That girl could model like a pro !
east coast west coastredrum
van halenadmired by colleen bwhat am i a clown to you What is SO funny ?
for better or for worseingle My second shooters get the BEST kid shots, go Nic ( Nickle Pickle )
oh hell no
scrunchie Not too many things I love more in life than the ‘scrunchie’ smile.
heartfeltmiltonsolid gold Jodi’s maid of honor had the whole crowd cracking up with her toast, she did a video montage of photos of them growing up. It was solid gold.
mushyboratscoremembership has its privledges This gal told me she liked my blog, so pretty much if you do that you are in : )
mom teari really like this photolucky stargrain stormsorryrun forest run
FUN FACT : Jodi and Mikey were best friends and roomates for a long time before realizing they were meant to be man and wife
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  1. Shannon

    February 11th, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    Honeymoon Baby? How wonderful! If the baby is a girl they should name her Shannon Beth or maybe Beth Shannon.
    What awesome pics!

  2. Dynamite Weddings

    February 12th, 2010 at 11:04 am


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