Sarah and Kurt were joy and love persononified. Their wedding was just like them, relaxed and easy going. They got married at the Casa de los Ninos this past fall. This is such a cute venue and all of the profit goes to the Sacramento Childrens receiving home so good ju ju was in the […]

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April 8, 2010

Power of love

VALERIE AND ALEX ( aka Valkerie and Alex ), they were like money and gum drops raining from the sky, and we are talking big bills and gourmet flavored gum drops people. Man alive were they a precious couple, so full of life and love….and ridiculously good looking . A fabulous love story, Valerie found […]

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February 4, 2010

Upright Citizens Brigade

So I am a bit obessed with Lauren and Tony’s wedding photos. Their Whitney Oaks wedding was unique in that IT RAINED ON JULY 11TH ! I mean what the what people ! Who would have seen that one coming ? Lauren was just the most precious gift and we both had a bit of […]

09 weddings

October 22, 2009

No rain no rainbows