Power of love

Apr 8, 2010

Sarah and Kurt were joy and love persononified. Their wedding was just like them, relaxed and easy going. They got married at the Casa de los Ninos this past fall. This is such a cute venue and all of the profit goes to the Sacramento Childrens receiving home so good ju ju was in the mix ! I LOVED their wedding, so fun and ‘chill’. Kurt is a personal trainer so it was fun to make him lift things… and yes I DID make him take off his shirt for a few of their engagement pics. A good time was had by all :
power of love
dunkin donuts What a beauty Sarah is, I LOVE this photo of her pretty blue eyes.
i love lora wardthe metroput your back into it
i do enjoy bloggingla ista bonitaocd I am OBSESSED with this photo of Sarah right before she walked down the isle ( taken by my second shooter Dana ).
Sarah’s mom was AWESOME !
through the looking glass
and were are walkingbum bumyak it up The best man had the crowd rolling !
needs no explainationmmmmmmm
oh happy dayhit me baby one more timehow low can you googee go gee



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