SWEET ! Hello FIRST WEDDING OF 2013. And I am here to report, it was stunning in every way. First off, Kacee and Micah and I have a massive love thing going on, I am goo goo ga ga for them. Lets count all of marvelous things involved in this wedding one by one. The […]

2013 Weddings

February 12, 2013

How I met your mother

When I work with the lovely and talented Lora Ward from A Day to Remember, we call it ‘ A day of TRUE LOVE to remember’. Lora or ‘L.w’ and I go WAYYYYYYY back. Many times when working with her, I stop and notice all the MANY special touches she does for a wedding, She […]

2010 Weddings

July 23, 2010

Insert WITTY blog title here