LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this wedding. The Citizen Hotel, and Music on the Move, and Claire and Garret !┬áSo many good things going for Claire and Garret’s oh so happy wedding day ! They were pure sunshine and delight, and their peeps were uber cool. Just slipping this one at the last minute to […]

2014 Weddings

December 31, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

Jessica and P.J called me in 2010 to shoot their 2012 wedding, it was one of those love at first phone call situations. Not only do I adore them but feel like I am part of their families at this point. One would be hard pressed to find a greater group of people than Jessica […]

2012 Weddings

June 1, 2012

Ling Ling you forgot your Bling Bling

That was what Jake of Lesley and Jake told us at one point as Lesley and I were in this huge post wedding love fest. Funny ! We just had endless, “no I love you” e-mails. Thinking about it warms my soul. A special day indeed, one could feel the love between these two. It […]

2011 weddings

February 22, 2012

Get a room !

ARG ! The fall is such a crazy time for the wedding photographer. I have meant to blog for my faithful 37 readers ( that is my joke, it is more like 12 people ) but iI am one busy bee. So I am just slapping up a link of being blogged…. does that count […]

2011 weddings

September 21, 2011

Bad blogger…good linker

I DO love kimberly and Aaron. What an amazing couple ! Just thinking of them warms my heart… Kimberly, so classy, beautiful and down to earth, just a charming and lovely girl. Aaron, what is not to love ? kind, warm, giving, relaxed and sensitive with movie star good looks. One could loose themselves in […]

2010 Weddings

May 1, 2010

Love you, love your show