The Circle of Brides

Oct 27, 2015

That thing when you get to do a group of gals wedding and you get to see them at each others weddings supporting each other. I LOVE this group of super cool gals and was THRILLED to be doing Savannah and Patricks wedding at The Croatian Center this past September. They were the sweetest couple, with the most fun wedding. I felt so at ease during the family photos as I had done Patricks sisters wedding. You sure can feel the love tonight and it was great to see the couples I had photographed in the past still standing ( on a roll there with song titles ).b0001 b0002 b0003 b0004 b0005 b0006 b0008 b0009 b0010 b0011 b0012 b0013 b0014 b0016 b0017 b0018 b0019 b0020 b0021 b0022 b0023 b0024 b0025 b0027 b0029 b0030 b0034 b0035 b0036 b0037 b0038 b0039 b0040 b0042 b0043 b0044 b0045 b0046 rump



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