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Oct 8, 2015

Aww my TREASURED ‘Awesome ‘ family is on the Bicycle built for Two blog today. Man alive have we gotten a lot of press from this wedding. Features in a few magazines and blogs, the public appears to not be able to get enough of this wedding. No one can blame the people as these two beautiful moms are THE BEST. Oh how we LOVED this wedding. The energy in the air was electric with love and joy. These two were meant to be together and everyone could feel the magic. They are a blended family and all about their kids. Fun fact, Kelly is a surrogate mother that not only carried her own 3 children, but carried 5 additional babies for other families. And shhh, keep it a secret but she carried Neil Patrick Harris’s TWINS ! One has to brag about Doogie when they can in life. My awesome friends Bryan from Music and More did the best job ever and my gal Jenifer from I make Beautiful did in fact make beautiful, and all at one of my favorite venues Scotts Seafood and the Westin. ┬áPlease enjoy all of the joy.


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