Hey there Mr. Sun !

Dec 3, 2014

This wedding day sure  was California dreaming on such a winters day ! The rain held out and the SUN CAME OUT and everyone’s dreams came true for this super cool  Old Sugar Mill wedding. Alanna and David were just about the best couple you could ever work with in the universe. I was over the moon to photograph their unique colorful loosely based day of the dead themed  wedding. The weather seemed super overcast and dreary as I approached the wedding venue, but alas the Sun busted a move and gave us the PERFECT delicious sunset light. I am so thankful and honored to have been a part of this oh so special day. The couples friends and family were amazing, the Old Sugar Mill is a photographers dream venue,  and Alanna and David were THE BEST !!tlp0001 tlp0002 tlp0003 tlp0004 tlp0005 tlp0006 tlp0007 tlp0008 tlp0009 tlp0010 tlp0011 tlp0012 tlp0013 tlp0014 tlp0015 tlp0016 tlp0017 tlp0018 tlp0019 tlp0020 tlp0021 tlp0022 tlp0023 tlp0024 tlp0025 tlp0026 tlp0027 tlp0028 tlp0029 tlp0030 tlp0031 tlp0032 tlp0033 tlp0034 tlp0035 tlp0036 tlp0037 tlp0038 tlp0039 tlp0040 tlp0041



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