Need Ride

Mar 12, 2014

Who does not like a good How I met your mother story ? Since I am in the business of shooting weddings I get to hear stories a plenty, but I especially enjoyed Ramie and kenneth’s how they met story. Here is my best recollection : During a fun filled night partying, Patrick was ever so slightly drunk and needed a ride so they wrote on his hand “need ride”, he was never able to shake the name and she was never able to shake the big crush on him from there on out. These two were one fun and super cool couple, I loved how their group of friends were so loyal and dedicated to them. Their wedding was at one of my all time favorite venues, The Vizcaya, so of course the wedding went off without a hitch. My friends at Visual Impact helped beautify the place with their gorgeous flowers and their d.j and  Mr. Bart from Music to Memories rocked the house with his unique music stylings. Joy, true  love, and happiness all around, see below for further illustration:
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Fun Fact: In my youth I was on the fringe of being punk rock. More New Wave really, so I felt right at home with this group.



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