I did not want to waste ANY time in getting to part two of this double ceremony wedding. Part two was at The Crocker Art Museum ( a.k.a any photographers dream location ). After the Sikh ceremony we had a quick break and then it was onto the beautiful classic Jewish ceremony. The love between […]

O.K maybe not the worlds longest blog post, but a long one for sure. This was a gem of a wedding from last year, and yes I do  ‘gotta bring up old stuff’ now and again. This was a last minute booking that I was thrilled to get. This couple had a marathon wedding day […]

DESA AND JARED for the WIN ! I was on the biggest high after shooting their engagement photos. We started at their super cute house and ventured out from there. This is one of my favorite ways to start an engagement session. What I love the most about shooting is an engagement session is to […]